Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here i am sitting in the deepest darkest corner of the library, waiting for my next class to start. Why not study you ask? well...I've got all my homework done and I frankly don't fee like studying for the sake of studying. I've been trying to get things done so that I can enjoy General Conference weekend with the Fam with minimial stressors. SO far so good! that is until tomorrow when my 4 professors give me another mountain of homework but i'd rather not think about that...
I'd rather think about happy things!!! for instance...
The water from the drinking fountain on the first floor of my apartment is amazing!! seriously, i don't know whats wrong with the water from the tap in my apartment but its always warm and it tastes like rocks. Seriously, there are so many minerals and metal flavored things in it. I miss my west mountain water, but the drinking fountain downstairs is an acceptable substitute in the meantime. Its cold and rreeeeffreshing!!
My roommate made no-bakes last night. DOn't worry, my apartment isn't "that" apartment that always is making cookies and is going to get fat (we've already pegged that room, its 1103 haha :D ) But really, I have decided that they are my new favorite cookie.
I LOVE the weather right now. BYU campus is so pretty. The flowers all look so great, and there is a crispness in the air right now, and the mountains are changing colors and its just lovely. I do wish i could spend more time outside rather than cooped up in the library, but i honestly can't get anything done outside because I get distracted way tooo easily.
Vampire Diaries. I. LOVE. IT. ITs the only TV i've watched in a month and its all i need! haha
*random side note: My FHE brother is sitting across from me at those little desk thinkins in the library. Its weird!! haha I NEVER see people in the library i know!
I get to go home for the weekend and watch general conference!! I've never looked forward to a general conference more! I love the idea of sleeping in (or at least past 7:30am) and just having a relaxing weekend complete with the traditional cinnamon rolls. hmm...maybe i'll decorate for fall while i'm down there!
*sad note: The pumpkins were a huge failure this year on the farm. I'm very very sad about this...its funny actually because the only pumpkins that are thriving are the ones that reseeded from last years awesome crop. Thus, we have two randomly placed pumpkin plants, one on the lane by the fence, and the other in the front flower bed. Gotta love it!
My ward makes me happy. I got blessed with the most awesome bishopbric. The Bishop's name is Bishop Sybrowski, and he is just awesome! He reminds me alot of Bisop Rasmussen, only he's 20 years younger. THe people in my ward are super fun too.
Well, i'm going to go to class now..Its english 195 and its pretty swell. Only 1 credit, and its a lecture course all about how awesome english majors are. THe only thing its taught me so far is that I am SO glad i'm going to be an english teacher because i like knowing that there is hopefully a job waiting for me once i get a degree....
Well, sorry this was about nothing in particular...

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  1. The pumpkins are in mourning right now because their Marissa Blissa is in Provo:) Still, I think you will manage to turn the farm into a fabulous fall farm house!