Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well hello there friends and family. I've decided to start a blog, so that way, ya'll won't forget about your favorite college cougar ;)
This past month has been a month full of "firsts"
I moved for the first time....seriously, first time ever moving. EVER! not going to lie, that has been such a huge adjustment. I've had to get used to living with roommates, sharing bathrooms, cooking my own meals, cleaning my own dishes (every dang time!) and so much more. But it's been cool because i've actually learned alot about myself. I've discovered that it takes me 1 week to go through a gallon of milk. I've discovered that i am a morning person. NOt because i like getting up early in the morning, but because i like getting things done by none and having the afternoon to study and what not. Life seems less hectic that way.
I did my own laundry for the first time. Seriously, mom did my laundry til the day i moved out. I helped out here and there, folding the laundry etc, but i never did my own, and so far, i haven't shrunk any of my shirts so that a good thing right?
I took my first ever exam in the testing center yesterday! I was SOOOOO nervous. All i could think of before i went into the testing center was that my siblings told me not to expect it to be like high school and to expect the tests to be alot harder and more in depth. So with that in mind, i took my test. Lo and behold, I got a 93%!! Seriously, i almost died when i saw my score. I was so HAPPY!! This happened yesterday and my heart still does a little pitter patter every time i think about it.
I got my first ever real "calling." I know that they say being a counselor in the mia maids president is a real calling, and it is, but my calling now actually requires alot of me. I got called to be the gospel doctrine teacher. Talk about scary!! I"ve taught 3 lessons now, and i'm not sure how i feel about my lessons. I don't want to be a boring teacher. I really don't, but its hard to be exciting and interesting when you don't hardly know what your talking about. Seriously, I know nothing of paul's missions, and corinthians and such, which s probably why i got called to that calling. But its all good, it's making me grow!
Well, thats all for now folks. Today is my roommates birthday so we are throwing her a suprise party in about 10 minutes and then i'm going to the temple!
Peace out ;)

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