Thursday, February 16, 2012


All of the outlets in my building are upside down. Why? Obviously it was a conscious decision by the construction workers/electicians because they are ALL upside down! At first it sort of drove me insane but now i kind of love it, and it makes way more sense. Man, transitioning back to right-side-up outlets is going to be such a pain! :p
In other news, Marissa has a pretty humiliating story.
So once upon a time, my professor decided that he wanted to assign his students to do a "close reading" on a particular piece of literature we would read in class. Well, I got assigned the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. So as I started writing said paper, I realized that I really didn't know what to write about, and it took me forever to write the dang thing. But alas, I did write it, and albeit it wasn't my best work, I was just so done with it so I didn't care. I turned in the paper and pretty much forgot about it.
Well, last night after class my professor said he wanted to meet with me. Whenever a professor tells you that, your stomach automatically does a few flip flops, and I began imaging worst-case scenarios as to why my professor needed to have a word with me. Well, turns out my worst-case scenario came true! Doesn't that just suck? He ended up telling me that I didn't do the assignment right, and that I needed to rewrite the whole thing.
Lets just say that I felt pretty dumb. Like, really dumb. I've never once in my life been so off on an assignment that my professor/teacher had to have me do it again. GAH!
But don't worry, this story has a somewhat happy ending, and that is that I just rewrote it and i'm finished with it!! (super happy eh?) I feel alot better about it, not great, but better, enough so that my professor hopefully won't have to have another little chat with me agian. Ugh, it was just uncomfortable for everybody involved I think.
But its all over now and in the past. DONE.
I just realized that on this silly little blog that I always talk about school and that I'm supposed to be in college partying and having crazy adventures. Well, I am having crazy adventures and partying, but so much of my life is school and work, so I guess thats what's on my mind. all. the. time.
On a happier note though, I'm coming home for the 3 day weekend! YAY!!!!!!!
Oh and also, I got a fall/winter contract with the Elms today! again, YAY!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catch up time

THe above picture is from a date i went on a few weeks ago. Fun times.
THis is must me perched on the counter top. Its sort of "my place" where I chill in the kitchen (probably because its right next to my cupboard of food?). Anyways this is just a cute little picture of me, Stacy, and Natalie after having helped our other roommates throw a little harry potter party.
This picture was against Gonzaga I believe? Regardlesss of who we played, we won! And it was such a fun game to go to! I love my amigos from HIgh school, they are just simply fantastic!
In other news, I am in the thick of mid terms. I'm really feeling the pressurre from having to juggle a job, school, studying, and social life. Some days it just seems like too much but it always ends up working out in the end. Last week i had two English midterms, which are super hard might I ad. It's not multiple choice sort of deal but all essays. Gosh darn those cursed essays! But I did it, and i"m feeling pretty decent about them (or maybe it's just relief that they are over??).
This week i've got the dreaded American Heritage test as well as a Living Prophets quiz and all sorts of good readings and assignments from other classes. Thats what kills me about midterms, you've got all these major tests and yet your professors still hand out homework and assignments like they're going out of style. *sigh.
Well, life really is is good. My heavenly father is so good to me. Every day there are little tender mercies that make everything O.K. Its the little things...