Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Superheroes, Summer, and Future Semesters

Oh hello blog, long time no see!

This summer has just flown by and fall semester is right around the corner.  I find myself wondering what I did with all the "down time" I've had.  I'm going to be honest, as I've mentioned in the previous post, my social life on the boy front has been a little lacking, and i'm okay with that for the most part because all the boys in my life have chosen to serve missions. So I'd really rather be in this boy deprived situation than have them not serve missions.  But until fall semester starts and I meet new people, I've been keeping myself preoccupied with a few choice superheroes this summer.

My first superhero crush is a member of the avengers....   this fella right here:

And i'll admit, he is quite a bit older than me, but still, Tony Stark has got some serious style.  He is one of my favorite superheroes because he has an attitude, he's funny, and well, he's a "billionaire genius playboy philanthropist." What's not to love?

However, when watching the avengers, I also developed a silly schoolgirl's crush in this fine fellow:
He's like a manly version of Legolas.  Not to say Legolas isn't manly, but...ya okay, i guess that's what i'm saying ;)

But perhaps the biggest superhero crush I developed was on this fine specimen:
I serious LOVE him. As Spider man, and as Andrew Garfield.  He may have suprassed Zac Efron on the celebrity crush scale, and that's saying ALOT! I guess I've always had a thing for the "cool nerds."  If you didn't go see the Amazing Spiderman, I'd highly recommend it.  It merely tickled my fancy because it was funny, a little bit more of a lighthearted setting then other superhero movies lately, and I thought he did a great job as spiderman. But I am very clearly biased so who knows if you'll enjoy it.

And then finally, after having just barely seen The Dark Knight Rises, I must say that i have quite an admiration for the Mr. Christian Bale...or Bruce Wayne, whichever you'd prefer.

I'm not going to lie, when I first saw Batman Begins several years ago, I wasn't the biggest fan.  The show was a bit dark for me...and  there were lots of explosions and creepy things.  But in light of the new show coming out and how everyone said that it was SO GOOD, I figured i'd give the series a second chance, and boy I'm glad that I did.  I loved Batman Begins. The Dark Knight was good, but still a bit dark for me.  And then The Dark Knight Rises just blew. my. mind.  It converted me to the Batman bandwagon.

Too bad these men don't exist in real life *sigh.  I mean, I guess they do, but there are a bajillion reasons why it would never work out.  Besides, as I've learned in my 19 long  years of life, I would never really want to marry a celebrity. Bleh, that hollywood life does not appeal to me, but it still is fun to daydream about spiderman ;)

So aside from watching superhero movies all summer, I did go to New York.  I don't have any pictures on this computer so that will have to wait for another post...although don't get on the edge of your seat because it may never happen.

I also just got back from an amazing family reunion with my ENTIRE family.  It was so fun to have all of us there.  The older I get, the more I realize how cool/fun/awesome/kind/amazing/everything my family is.  I love them!

But alas, the summer is coming to a close and it's time to move on to the future semester. I am very excited for school, although last night i sort of had an anxiety attack about it.  However, upon waking up in the morning, things were seen in a better light (that's usually what a good nights sleep does for ya) and while I'm still anxious about a few things, life is going to be great.

A few goals i have for this fall semester are these:

- Exercise at least 5 times a week.
- Pack healthy lunches every day so that I don't become a vending machine junkie like last year
- Be on top of homework
- Be in bed by 11 O'clock on the week days. (This one is going to be a  killer, but I've got work at 8am every morning so it's got to be that way)
-Learn how to cook healthy dinner meals, as opposed to frozen dinners from a box.
-Date lots of boys
-Be 100% in my visiting teaching. (i'll admit, last year I slacked off bit time)
-Read my scirptures every day. (I'm not taking a religion class this semester so It's important for me to get my daily dosage of scripture time)

Hopefully I can maintain these goals throughout the whole semester.  And i'm going to throw it out there so as to help motivate me, I'm not going to be eating ANY sugar except for on Halloween night, Thanksgiving day, and then during Christmas Break i'll indulge myself a little more.  Hopefully that will help me feel and perform better in my day to day routine.

Here's to a great semester!