Wednesday, September 28, 2011

well i'm going to just take a moment and brag!!! and you can judge me i don't even care!! I"m SOOOOOOO happy because i got my paper back and i got a 58/60!!! which is a 96% in case you were wondering. It was for my human development class, and it was the hardest paper i've ever written, and i was super stressed but i guess all that worrying and working on it paid off! YAY!!
SO far i've been able to keep up on my studies. My first three exams i did pretty well in. 90% in music, 90% in physical science, and 93% in human development. Let's hope i can keep it up for midterms!
IN other news, my apartment has gotten into a sort of "milk war" with our FHE brothers. Basically we just keep doorbell ditching and pranking our "brothers". Its pretty immature and somewhat stupid but its super funny and i love it! Thats what college is all about right? right..
Well, I'm going to go study so more or at least try and find the motivation to study...bleh. Sometimes i spend hours in the deep corners of the library, and when i emerge into the fading sunlight, I feel like i'm crawling out of a black hole and back into civilization. no joke.
Warmest regards!!! :)

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