Monday, September 26, 2011


go to and search monday.
This is how i feel every monday morning...actually every mornin
In my book of mormon class we are required to keep a daily journal about how the spirit has influenced us in our lives, or what we are grateful for. This hasn't been too difficult a task for me because i'm big on journal writing and such, but it has been very interesting. I love reflecting on my day and seeing how the lord has worked in my life. Especially just in the little things. I've been doing this for a month now, and was just reading through some of my entries, and i'm honestly so glad that i wrote them! Alot of my entries have been about how grateful i am for my awesome family, and that foundation that they have given me. I was thinking about this, and i realized that now that i've moved out, i feel like i'm not really up to date on what everyone else is doing in their lives, and they arent really up to date on mine. so an easy Solution? a blog! I mean, its not really perfect but its kinda fun-ish. I"ve always been a creepy blog stalker anyways, so i figure its time to contribute right? right :)
Well, i've got a music exam i'm taking tomorrow. I've got to go study for that now.

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  1. Ha ha, I get to be your first commenter! I am so honored! Marissa, I love that you got yourself a blog. I, too, am a blog stalker, so know that at least one person will be reading your blog every time you post:)
    Sounds like your life is going pretty good. I hope your music test goes okay. As your piano teacher, I know you are a very talented musician, so I bet you did very well.
    Good luck with it all, have a fabulous day!