Sunday, October 16, 2011

And so another week begins...

Well, its sunday night. I love the weekends can I just tell you!? But today was a great sunday! I went to two farewells, Dallin Gividens and Stuart Spencer's. They were just so awesome! Its crazy seeing these kids i've grown up with leave and go on missions! I'm not going to lie sometimes i wish i could go on a mission right now too!

Ward prayer is so awesome. It is like a huge production in my ward, and it is so fun! We have date-minute, and a skit, and funny room introductions, and mostly just hanging out with everyone. I really enjoy that alot. And the bishopbric is aweseome.

I am so excited for this week! Okay, well i only have one midterm, and i'm going to ace it just you wait! (well, hopefully!) The homework load isn't terrible this week, but don't worry i'll stay busy studying and such, but playing lots too!
On friday night, my roommates and our 6 FHE brothers are coming out to the farm and we are going to go on a hayride and carve pumpkins and eat caramel popcorn and just have a good halloween festive sort of a night. I can't wait!

and then saturday, the day of the murder mystery!!!!!! YAY!!! Jaime, if you have any ideas of how to dress up as a fashionable Witch from hufflepuff who is a fashionista, let me know! I cannot wait for saturday!

Then next sunday, 3 more farewells. These boys are just dropping like flies! But it's honestly so great. I love it!

Well, its super late, and i need to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow! Ugh, 8 oclock class is a drag!


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