Monday, November 7, 2011


Alrighty well i'm feeling pretty great about myself at this moment.  I basically just busted out a Great Works paper in about an hour.  For me, that's pretty good.  It usually takes me all afternoon to write a paper, and granted, this paper is shorter than most of those other papers, but still, i'm feeling pretty great! I can check that off my list of things to do which is just such a good feeling.  I feel like all of my professors collaborated together and decided to have all of our major assignments and tests and such at the same time! Its killing me!  But I've sort of scheduled out my time and i think i'll be just fine, i just can't let myself get distracted with things like...blogging haha

So last weekend was pretty fun! I went on a date with Tim on friday night, which actually went better than i thought it would.  It was my first real blind date, and I've heard the horror stories of blind dates, so i was a bit nervous, but it was a fun night!

And then on Saturday, we had the "adult session" of stake conference.  Can i just say that I've never been pounded more in the face about getting married then i did for those 2 hours?!  Geez, i'm only 18 for goodness sakes! It was good advice and such, but all things in moderation people!  Literally every speaker talked about marraige and dating and it got to be too much. It was good, just a bit much.

So after that meeting, me and my roomies went home and we just decided to have a low key evening and color pictures and listen to music.  It was great actually!

Yay for resorting back to our childhood and coloring! haha it actually was pretty fun believe it or not.

well my battery is about to die, so I guess thats all the update your gonna get! sucka! haha


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  1. I am glad that you are not desperate at the age of 18 to get married. . . although I think you will find this a MAJOR theme for the rest of your college (and single life!) Such is life at BYU:) Your coloring looks fabulous. I am happy that you are having so much fun with your roomies (and there are some boys there too, or are they just extra manly roommates? j/k!)