Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall FHE at the Farm :)

Such a great fall activity

This was seriously so much fun! All my roommates and FHE brothers came out to the house friday night. It was so funny to hear them talk about how much they loved the house and farm, and I couldn't help but agree with everythng they were saying. A bunch of them talked about how this was their "dream house". It really is my dream house, We've been so blessed and lucky to grow up in west mountain :)
This is me and a boy named Matt. We were paired up in the "pumpkin carving contest." We carved a cougar (originally it was a werewolf howling at the moon but we made the necessary adjustments haha) and i think it turned out pretty swell. I love carving pumpkins!

This is the whole gang. They are pretty great! It was such a fun time bringing the college friends home :)

Love you all

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