Thursday, April 12, 2012

June Roses

Hello world!
Guess what this girl did yesterday!? Thats right, I ATTENDED MY LAST CLASS AS A FRESHMAN!!!!!!! WOOOT!

It was actually really epic because as I walked out of my class, it was pouring cats and dogs outside, and silly me didn't have a jacket or any thing, so I had to walk home in the pouring rain. I felt like Aragorn in The Twin Towers, when he comes comes back from almost being killed by those wolf thingies, and he opens the door all wet and dramatically...Except for I don't have a beard like he did...and I'm a girl..teehee ;)

I honestly never thought this day would come though. I've dreamed of it countless times, especially back in September at the beginning. But honestly, I've learned SO much these past 9 months, and I would not take back one single second, regardless of how hard or how difficult it's been. Don't get me wrong though, moving out was hard, and I really did miss high school at first, but now I feel like I could never go back to high school because College is just SO MUCH BETTER...for me, at this time in my life.

I've had so much fun this winter semester especially. I feel like I've sort of got a better grip on the whole college thing. I especially love the people I've had the opportunity to associate with. They are so great! And I know that If I'd gone to a different university I never would have had the opportunity to associate with such a unique and diverse group of talented people who all share the same core values as me. It really is amazing.

I'm actually really sad that my Freshman year is coming to an end. Isn't it interesting how I was sad to come, and now i'm even more sad that I have to leave? I've absolutely loved my ward. We've been really close, and I can honestly say that I know and love almost all of the people in my ward. They are just fanatastic people. People I will definitely never forget. I think there is a special bond that people get when they go through hard or new things together. My ward is a freshman ward, so many of us face very similar challenges, but it's been so great to support and be supported by others as we have each embarked on this new phase of life.

I think it was President Monson that has quoted in a few talkes, "Memories are the June roses for the Decembers of our lives." This past year and the people I've had the privlage to hang out with will definitely be apart of my "June Rose Memories," in the future.

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  1. Marissa blissa, that was a beautiful post! I hope that you enjoy this summer a lot even though it's kind of weird to come home after college. We sure love having you around!